Tanyard Hall, 30 Station Road, Gomshall GU5 9LF


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 19/1 Declaration of Acceptance of Office to be signed by all members of the Council  Clerk
 19/2 Election of Chairman  Clerk
 19/3 Declaration of Acceptance of Office to be signed by the newly elected Chairman  Clerk
 19/4 Election of Vice-Chairman  Chairman
 19/5 To accept apologies and reasons for absence in accordance with the Local Government Act 1972, Schedule 12, para 40  Clerk

Declaration of Disclosable Pecuniary Interests (DPIs)

  • To be completed and signed by all councillors
  • Declarations by Councillors on any of the agenda items below in accordance with The Relevant Authorities (Disclosable Pecuniary Interests) Regulations 2012. (SI 2012 No. 1464)
 19/7 Declaration of gifts or hospitality over £25. Members are reminded that once a declaration of gifts or hospitality has been made then a new Form of Financial and Other Registerable Interests must be completed  Chairman
 19/9 Co-option of member for North Ward (Shere and Gomshall) and South West Ward (Peaslake) – to receive applications for the office of Parish Councillor and to Co-opt two candidates to fill the existing vacancies, one in each of the above wards  All
 19/10 Election of the General Purposes Committee – the Committee to comprise of at least six elected Members of the Council with, if possible, one Member from each of the four main villages. The Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Council will be ex-officio members. Current members: Councillors C Brooke, P Carter, A Collingwood, J Hutton, G Reffo, R Smith, B Andrews, B Grover and the Chairman and Vice-Chairman as ex officio members.  Clerk
 19/11 Election of the Planning Committee – at least one member from each ward plus the Chairman and Vice Chairman. Membership is open to all Members of the Council. Current members: Councillors R Andrews, C Brooke, A Golightly, B Grover, B Harrap, R Smith the Chairman and Vice-Chairman as ex officio members.  Clerk
 19/12 Election of the Finance Committee the Committee – to comprise of the Chairman, Vice Chairman and at least two other members of the Council these being appointed so that each of the four villages served by the Council is represented. Current members: Councillors R. Andrews, C Brooke, J Cross, R Davey, C. Carlisle, A Golightly, G Reffo and R Smith.  Clerk
 19/13 Election of Human Resources Committee – this Committee shall comprise the Chairman and at least three other members of the Council, these being appointed so that each of the villages served by the Council is represented and so that councillors with experience of the strategic management of human resources are included, where possible. Current members: Councillor R Andrews, C Carlisle, G Reffo and the Chairman, R Davey, leaving 1 vacancy  Clerk
 19/14 North Ward Working Group (Gomshall and Shere) – all North Ward Councillors  Clerk
 19/15 South East Working Group (Holmbury St. Mary) – all South East Ward Councillors  Clerk
 19/16 South West Ward Working Group (Peaslake) – all South West Ward Councillors  Clerk
 19/17 Shere Traffic Working Group – all North Ward Councillors and representatives of the public as per previously  Clerk
 19/18 Peaslake Farm Steering Committee – the Group to comprise two elected members from each ward and the Chairman. Current members: Councillors R Andrews, C Carlisle, P Carter, A Collingwood, J Cross, R Davey and G Reffo.  Clerk
 19/19 Decision making Powers – the Council to confirm that decision making powers be delegated to the General Purposes, Planning and Peaslake Farm Steering Committees, provided expenditure incurred does not exceed that allowed in the budget. (Note: Working Groups have no delegated powers – all recommendations made by a Working Group must be conveyed to the full Council or a Committee for approval.)  Clerk
 19/20 Terms of Reference for Committee – the Council to consider whether the terms of reference for all remaining Committees should continue as previously agreed  Clerk

Appointment of Representatives on outside organisations (showing current members)

  • Peaslake Memorial Hall – G Reffo
  • Henry Smith (Shere) Charity for Relief in Need – C Simpson, J Hutton and E Andrews. Each individual appointment is for four years
  • Shere Recreation Ground – B Grover
  • Shere Swimming Pool – A Collingwood
  • Shere Village Hall – R Davey
  • Surrey Association of Parish and Town Councils – R Smith
  • Wasp Bus – R Andrews
  • Holmbury Village Hall – R Andrews
  • Guildford’s Borough Council’s Governance Committee – G Reffo
  • Holmbury St Mary’s Wolves FC – R Andrews
  • Shere Library – B Grover

Any other representatives?

 19/22 Dates of Council meetings – The Council has previously received a list of Council meetings to December 2019  Clerk

Annual Financial matters

  1. The Council to confirm that the Council’s finances for the year commencing 1st April 2019, including staff salaries, will be conducted in accordance with the budget approved by the full Council on 9th January 2019
  2. The Clerk be authorised to issue cheques/make payments during the financial year 2019/20 for the payment of staff salaries, PAYE/superannuation, donations/cemetery grants, monthly contractors’ fees, Parish, public toilets and playground maintenance and minor maintenance materials, audit fees, land/hall rents, office expenses, utility bills, insurance costs, subscriptions, Tanyard Hall expenses and pre-authorised orders – all as allowed for in the budget for 2019/20. The cheques/payments to be signed/authorised by two Councillors and the Clerk and reported to the next meeting of the full Council
  3. Council to approve standing orders and direct debits as reviewed at Finance Committee 26th November 2018 (next review October 2019)
  4. Insurance – the Council to verify that its current insurance cover is adequate
  5. The Council to consider whether it will continue with the current Banking arrangements
  6. The Council to appoint the Chairman to undertake the regular financial checks in accordance with the Financial Regulations
  7. The Council to re-adopt the Financial Regulations
 19/24 Standing Orders – the Council to approve and re-adopt the Standing Orders  Clerk
 19/25 Code of Conduct – the Council to re-adopt the Guildford Borough Council Code of Conduct  Clerk
 19/26 Review of Asset Register – to consider any amendments to the current Register (as circulated)  Clerk
 19/27 Approval of the Minutes of the Council meeting held on 2nd April 2019  Clerk

Finance matters:

  • To note that the Parish Council’s accounts for the year ended 31 March 2019 will be completed on the Parish Council’s accounting software on 16th May. The software will not allow data to be input for the new financial year until that work is complete. Therefore, April and May accounts will be reported to Council at the June meeting.
  • To note the position re: concurrent functions grant funding from Guildford Borough Council and identify any projects for grant funding in 2020/21.
  • Boom Credit Union – consideration to increase the funds the Council holds there.
 19/29 Shere Open Gardens – to consider request to use/mark a section of Shere Recreation Ground car park as disabled parking for the event  
 19/30 Gates installed on boundary of Shere Car Park – to consider the retrospective request for two gates from the private drive behind Vine Cottages into the car park  
 19/31 Ginger Huts – to consider request for land, for a local special need’s glamping and work-skills project for disability accessible yurt holidays and work-skill programme for adults with learning difficulties  

General Purposes Committee – to receive minutes of the meeting on the 24th April 2019 and to consider the following Recommendations:

  • Holmbury St Mary Pavilion and Ground Draft Lease with Belmont School – Continuous Lease with sole use of the Pavilion starting September 2019. Subject to satisfactory confirmation of pitch maintenance and management of parents/parking and with agreement to allow Holmbury St Mary and Westcott Wolves to sub-let the pitch at weekends
  • Planter for land by telephone box, Gomshall £666 ex VAT (Local Government (misc. Provisions) Act 1976, s.19)
  • 20 traffic cones £300 ex VAT (Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, s.72)
  • Tanyard Hall – lockable folding barriers for spaces at £502.70 ex VAT (Local Government Act 1972, s.133)
  • Policy for the hire of the blue Council owned tables stored at the village halls
 19/33 Donated bench to the Royal British Legion, commemorating 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War, for the centre of Peaslake Village – consideration of suitable position  PC/GR/BH
 19/34 Cycling and proposed legislative changes – to consider draft representation to the Department for Transport, regarding the review of the provisions for cyclists in the Highway Code/  Clerk
 19/35 Peaslake Farm Steering Committee – to receive minutes of the meeting on the 10th April 2019  Clerk
 19/36 Police Matters– to consider any matters that need to be brought to the attention of the Police  All
 19/37 Tanyard Hall Car Park – Surrey County Council Drainage Scheme and temporary car park closure – to note update  Clerk
 19/38 Clerk’s Report (for noting, delegation to the Clerk or inclusion on the next agenda)  Clerk
 19/39 Councillors’ Business (for noting or including on the agenda for the next meeting)  All
 19/40 Date of next meeting:Date of next meeting: Annual Parish Meeting 8pm Thursday 23rd May 2019 at Tanyard Hall, 30 Station Road, Gomshall GU5 9LF. Next regular Council Meeting 8pm Tuesday 4th June 2019, Shere Village Hall, Gomshall Lane, Shere GU5 9HE  Clerk
 19/41 Exclusion of the Public and Press (Public Bodies Admission to meetings Act 1960) – to exclude the public and press for the following item of business because of the confidential nature of the business to be transacted.  
 19/42 Shere Swimming Pool – to consider draft Heads of Terms for the new lease between Shere Parish Council and Shere Manor Estate  RD

Peaslake Farm Subsidised Housing:

  • Final Plans – to receive any comments prior to planning submission
  • To consider the draft lease
  • To consider the draft contract
  • To ratify the formal notice to leave, to the tenant on Peaslake Farmyard