Committees and Working Groups – Membership

(all correspondence for consideration by a Committee should be sent to the Clerk of the Council)



Councillors R.Smith (Chairman), B.Andrews (Vice-Chairman), R. Davey, C.Brooke, B.Grover, C.Carlisle, B.Harrap

General Purposes Committee:

Councillors C.Carlisle (Chairman), B.Andrews (Vice-Chairman), C.Brooke, R.Davey, J.Hutton, R.Smith, G.Reffo, P.Carter

Health & Safety:

Councillors R.Davey, C.Brooke, R.Smith, C.Carlisle, G.Reffo


Councillors R.Davey (Chairman), B.Andrews (Vice-Chairman), C.Brooke, C.Carlisle, R.Smith, G.Reffo, J.Cross

Human Resources:

Councillors R Davey, B.Andrews, C.Carlisle, G.Reffo.

The Chairman of all Committees to be appointed at the first meetings of the Committee.

 Working Groups

North Ward (Gomshall & Shere): all North Ward Councillors.
South East Ward (Holmbury St Mary): all South East Ward Councillors.
South West Ward (Peaslake): all South West Ward Councillors.
Holmbury Traffic: all South East Councillors.
Shere Traffic: all North Ward Councillors.
Management and Strategy: all Councillors.
Housing: R.Davey, B.Grover, C.Carlisle, R.Smith, G.Reffo, B.Harrap.
Complaints Procedure: C.Brooke, R.Smith, P.Carter.

Representatives on Outside Organisations:

Peaslake Memorial Hall: G.Reffo.
Shere Charity for Relief in Need: Mrs Hill, Mrs Simpson, S.Neilson.  Each individual appointment is for four years.
Shere Recreation Ground Association: B.Grover.
Shere Swimming Pool Committee:  TBC
Shere Village Hall:  R.Davey.
Surrey Association of Parish and Town Councils: R.Smith.
Wasp Bus: B.Andrews.
Holmbury Village Hall: B.Andrews.