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Coronavirus COVID-19 – Help & Information


Please  opens in a new windowCLICK HERE for the latest NHS information  and advice on Coronavirus COVID-19

If you are concerned that you are unwell or are unsure about your symptoms, the NHS advice line is 111.

For Government updates and restrictions see opens in a new

Coronavirus Testing – For opens in a new windowguidance on testing and how to apply for a home test kit click here

Help In The Community – Shere Parish Council has created a volunteer database to offer help to those who are self-isolating, elderly or vulnerable during this time. If you know someone in need or should you wish to become a volunteer and are happy for your details to be shared with others, please contact us on 01483 203431 or email new email

Please CLICK HERE for Community Advice & Supportopens PDF file

For all advice including how to register a vulnerable person in need of support and help with all aspects of finance see the Citizens Advice Bureau

Guildford Borough Council – Coronavirus Update – Please click on the following link for a recent update from Guildford Borough Council, in particular how they are preparing to support those who need to be shielded:

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Guildford Borough Council – Direct Helplines – Please click on the following link:

Local Shops – Please do not go out unless absolutely necessary.  The local shops are doing their best to keep up with demand.

COOP – restricting some items to two per person due to stockpiling.  Unfortunately are unable to take orders or payments over the phone.
Kingfisher Farm Shop – can take orders preferably by email (1 week notice) and will contact you to make payment – orders collected from the back door.  They will take orders over the phone if you have no access to a computer and make deliveries to vulnerable people and those self -isolating.
Peaslake Village Stores – are serving locals through the hatch and are no longer serving cyclists. For more information from Peaslake Stores CLICK HEREopens PDF file
Other stores, cafes, restaurants and public houses are doing home deliveries, contact them individually for information.

The Village Larder – An initiative has started in the Parish of Shere (Shere, Gomshall, Peaslake, Holmbury, Abinger) to give financial help to those who, due to the covid crisis are struggling to afford food and household items. If you know anyone in this position please can you make them aware of The Village Larder. If you would like to donate please click on the link below. Any extra funds after this need has passed will go to the local causes that would have benefited from parish fundraising e.g. Shere Open Gardens, Peaslake Fair etc.

Please CLICK HERE for more information on the Village Larderopens IMAGE file .

The Salvation Army – Food Bank Donations – The Salvation Army are asking members of the public for donations of food during the crisis. They have particularly asked for: long life milk, sugar, jam, & small bags of tea. However, any tins of: meat, meals, soups, vegetables or fruit, as well as cereals, are always acceptable (ensure items are in date!) and any form of washing powder (smaller containers if possible).
Donations purchased from the Coop, in Shere can be left at the counter, and other food donations in the collecting bins under the benches in the porches of St James’, Shere or St Mark’s, Peaslake.
Alternatively, if you would prefer, you can donate online to Guildford Salvation Army via the ‘Just Giving’ site – see link below:
Or you can write a cheque to the Salvation Army and post to: Guildford Salvation Army, Woodbridge Road, GU1 4QQ (please write Food Bank on the back of the cheque).
Other Local Food Banks – As well as The Salvation Army, those with financial difficulties can also contact the Guildford and Dorking Food Banks for help. Please CLICK HERE for more information on Food bank donationsopens PDF file .

Parish Council Car Parks

Shere – The Parish Council has agreed that it will not close this car park.

This decision has been made because some people will still need to come to the village to use the shop or to visit/assist vulnerable relatives, friends or member of the community. Once arrived, if available car parks are closed they will park wherever there is a space in the village centre. This is more of a threat – bringing them closer to residents of the Parish, than if they parked in the car park.

Pond Lane Peaslake – The Parish Council has agreed that it will close this car park

This decision has been made with the intention of keeping visitors away from Peaslake village centre and after seeking views from nearby residents. Walking Bottom car park (managed by Friends of the Hurtwood) remains open for visitors. We shall review the effect of Pond Lane car park closure after two weeks, to see if it is working as intended and not causing parking problems elsewhere.

For what constitutes a reasonable excuse to leave the place where you live please click here for Information from the National Police Chiefs’ Councilopens PDF file

Message from the Chairman

Changes in Government coronavirus restrictions and the challenges
it may present to the villages in the Parish – 12th May 2020

As a result of the latest Government changes in exercise and travel guidance, the Council anticipates an increase in the number of visitors to and through the Parish and that some hard-pressed businesses may be encouraged to re-open ‘take away’ facilities.
Whilst sympathetic to the difficulties faced by local businesses the Parish Council will expect all re-opened businesses to abide by current and future distancing rules, actively police their own queues and consider using a virtual queuing system if possible.
The Parish Council does not agree to the use of any council owned or leased land for organising queuing i.e. the Pound, Old Fire Station garden, the oak tree Island in the Square or the area by the stream in Shere – as open areas must be available for people to move around.
The council hopes that visitors will behave in a responsible and sympathetic fashion regarding maintaining social distancing in regard to the ongoing concerns of residents. Also, that businesses will consider and where possible consult the communities in which they are located, to minimise resident’s concerns for safety.
The council itself does not have any powers, either legal or practical, to actually:

  • stop people coming to the villages
  • determine whether businesses open for trade

What the Council can and will do is:

  • report to the appropriate enforcement agency any visitor’s behaviour, or trading operations that are in contravention of Government advice and legislation/rules relating to their trading e.g. not maintaining appropriate distancing in queues.
  • undertake to ensure that any businesses trading is kept aware of any complaints and concerns from the public that the council receives about adherence to advice and government rules.

Thank you

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