There has been a lot of concern from the Peaslake Community over the proposed lease from Coverwood Farm for Peaslake Farm fields. Specifically, concern has centred around a 10metre strip of land between the development and the fields and a 15 Year Break clause. The retained land was included in the 2020 signed lease with Greenoak Housing Association to provide a space for welfare units and vehicles during the build phase to keep them off Ewhurst Road. This land could not have been included in any lease until the Greenoak contract was terminated on the 5th March 2024. As Greenoak has now pulled out there has been an option to review this strip of land.
The strip will now be included in the draft lease with Coverwood with the proviso that if it is needed during a future build phase or for storage when flood attenuation works are carried out, it will be made available and after the works are completed the land will be fully reinstated to its previous condition.
The 15-Year break clause was always in place to protect the fields from misuse. The wording of the lease will now be strengthened to reflect the parish council’s intent to ensure that there is not the opportunity for continued breaches of the conditions of the lease.
More information regarding the lease will be posted shortly.

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