This is Peaslake Farm

The Farm, owned by the Parish, has for many years been generating a modest annual income for the Parish.  It has been agreed to support a small development of housing on the Farm Yard aimed at improving the overall ‘benefit’ the Farm can bring to the whole community….

Shere Parish Council appointed Greenoak Housing Association to build and manage new, subsidised homes on Peaslake Farm yard. There will be 8 new homes, 4 two-bed houses and 4 one-bed flats, with a couple of parking spaces per home and soft landscaping above the farmyard. The fields will remain rural and the design of the homes will be sympathetic to the existing style of houses in the village.

News 5.3.24 Peaslake Farm Fields 

There has been a lot of concern from the Peaslake Community over the proposed lease from Coverwood Farm for Peaslake Farm fields. Specifically, concern has centred around a 10metre strip of land between the development and the fields and a 15 Year Break clause. The retained land was included in the 2020 signed lease with Greenoak Housing Association to provide a space for welfare units and vehicles during the build phase to keep them off Ewhurst Road. This land could not have been included in any lease until the Greenoak contract was terminated on the 5th March 2024. As Greenoak has now pulled out there has been an option to review this strip of land.
The strip will now be included in the draft lease with Coverwood with the proviso that if it is needed during a future build phase or for storage when flood attenuation works are carried out, it will be made available and after the works are completed the land will be fully reinstated to its previous condition.
The 15-Year break clause was always in place to protect the fields from misuse. The wording of the lease will now be strengthened to reflect the parish council’s intent to ensure that there is not the opportunity for continued breaches of the conditions of the lease.
More information regarding the lease will be posted here shortly.


News 5.3.24

On Tuesday 5th March 2024 Shere Parish Council received a letter from Greenoak Housing Association terminating the contract for affordable housing on Peaslake Farmyard. They have cited the 21-month planning delays, increased costs, shortages of materials and the removal of the grant from Guildford Borough Council as reasons for pulling out. This is deeply disappointing as it is much needed affordable housing.

Below is a statement from Shere Parish Council Chairman and Vice Chairman:
‘After a long period of negotiation and contract extensions, Greenoak Housing Association have decided to terminate the contract between them and The Parish Council to build the affordable housing project on Peaslake farm.
Naturally the Parish Council is saddened by this news after all the hard work that has been put in to get the project started. It has always wanted the project to go ahead and the withdrawal of Greenoak will add further delays before affordable housing can be built.
The Parish Council is very disappointed on behalf of the local residents who want to see the project competed and remove the uncertainty re the future of the farmyard – a valuable Parish asset
The next step is to seek a new acceptable Housing Association who would take on this project, and to review what options are open to the Council and the Parish.
In the meantime, a draft lease is being drawn up to rent the Peaslake farm fields to Tim Metson of Coverwood farm. These will be the fields that will contain the community land for use as a garden/Orchard.
We will work hard to understand what the options are as soon as practical and before the current planning permission expires in December 2024.’

The Parish Council has received notification that planning permission has been APPROVED.  To see all the planning documents use the following link

News 17.10.23 

At the Full Council Meeting on the 6th September 2023, councillors unanimously agreed to accept the renegotiated terms for the development on Peaslake Farmyard.  Due to larger than expected remediation costs to treat the low-grade contamination on site, Stonewater Housing Association (formerly Greenoak Housing Association) requested a reduction in the land fee and a higher level of rents. The land fee has now been agreed at £125,000 (down from £150,000).  The original contract had stated Social Rents which were much lower than market rates, but in order to progress the project it has been agreed to start with Local Housing Allowance rents. These are currently £195.62 per week for a one-bedroom property and £253.15 per week for a two-bedroom property, still significantly lower than market rates. Increases to the rent are then controlled by the Regulator for Social Housing.

However, the council has insisted that the Passivhaus design approved by Guildford Borough Council in their planning permission (December 2021) for the site is adhered to.  This design enables future tenants to benefit from lower energy bills that can offset the higher rents that they will now face. Any significant deviation from the approved design requires the council’s approval and will not be agreed if considered by Shere Parish Council detrimental to future tenants or the local landscape.

Furthermore, the council has asked that that the build work is progressed rapidly and completed within a set timescale.  However, this is being delayed by Guildford Borough Council as the agreed grant towards the build has been delayed due to their staffing problems.  It is hoped that this will be resolved quickly.

Older information:

Building Phase: Detailed plans for the building phase are currently being produced (site plan), taking into account the concerns of near neighbours voiced at a site meeting in late March 2022.  These concerns have been compiled in a  spreadsheet which can be seen HERE and will be updated regularly.  There will be another public meeting in Peaslake in late summer/early autumn to address any residual worries. Building will begin October/early November and will take approximately 43 weeks.  HERE is the aproximate timescale  but is subject to slight change.

There was a public meeting in October 2018 where residents had the opportunity to ask questions of Greenoak Housing Association and their architects. Two designs were displayed and the feedback was extremely positive. Responses to the feedback has now been received from Greenoak Housing Association – CLICK HERE to see the full report. There will of course, be an opportunity for further public comment at the planning application stage.

Shere Parish Council is aware that some residents are concerned about flooding and sewage in Peaslake and therefore the Council has been in consultation with Surrey County Council, Thames Water and Greenoak Housing Association to assess the situation.  The outcome of our investigations can be found by HERE. All the documents were presented to Council on the 5th March 2019 during the Full Council Meeting, where it was debated by Councillors whether to remove the clause ‘by the time the building starts the water and sewage problems will be solved’.  It was agreed at that meeting to remove the clause.  For more details on the vote to remove the clause please see item 18/205 of the March minutes

It was also further clarified that If Greenoak Housing Association withdrew from the agreement for any reason then a new developer would be asked to commit to assurances, equivalent of those contained in the Greenoak note (February 2019 entitled ‘Predicted impact of new development at Peaslake Farm on surface water flooding and Sewage System’) and if they were unable to do so, then the community would be asked again, whether they were content with the arrangements, before construction commences.

If you are or might be interested in renting a home on this development, please ensure that  that you are either registered on Guildford Borough Council’s housing waiting list or qualify to be registered (CLICK HERE for the chart on maximum bedroom eligibility )

Please remember that if you are NOT on Guildford Borough Council’s housing list you cannot be considered for one of these homes. Registration must be renewed EVERY year, so please check now!

Qualification to register on Guildford Borough Council’s Housing List:

People over 16 will qualify for inclusion on the Register if they:

  • have a local connection with the Borough (past or present)
  • don’t own a home or have sold one within the past 5 years
  • whose behaviour and conduct is responsible
  • have income or capital up to a threshold of:
    single people – gross annual income up to £40,000
    couples without children – gross annual income up to £60,00
    families (including single parents) – gross annual income up to £70,000.
  • The maximum savings threshold is £30,000.

Please note that your position on the list is not relevant to being selected for a home on this development.

To register an interest to rent one of these homes, please CLICK HERE to download an expression of interest form .  Please complete and return it to or post it to Shere Parish Council, Tanyard Hall, 30 Station Road, Gomshall, Guildford GU5 9LF

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