Planning and Tree Applications
for the forthcoming Planning Committee Meeting

Please click on the links below to access the Guildford Borough Council website, with information regarding planning and tree applications relevant to the next Shere Parish Council Planning Committee Meeting.

Planning Applications

21/P/01723 Highfields, Wonham Way, Gomshall

Erection of car port.

21/P/01633 Downland Cottage, Dorking Road, Gomshall

Front dormer, rear roof enlargement, single storey rear extension, groundworks, garden retaining wall and steps, following demolition of existing conservatory.

21/P/01747 Little Thatch, Woodhouse Lane, Holmbury St Mary

Construction of swimming pool.

21/P/01717 Tillingbourne Cottage, Gomshall Lane, Shere

Demolition of existing garage, erection and reciting new garage, new front gate, raised driveway and new walls.

21/P/01653 Rose Cottage, Holmbury Hill Road, Holmbury St Mary

Proposed log cabin/shed.

21/P/01797 25 Towerhill, Gomshall

Front porch extension and a two storey rear extension with Juliet balcony

Late applications received after the agenda had been printed

Tree Works Applications

21/T/00243 The Maltings, Shere Lane, Shere

Permission requested to reduce the overall height of the hedge to approx. 3m consisting of leylandii, hazel and holly.

21/T/00244 Cherry Trees, Gomshall Lane, Shere

(Front) – T1 1x Cherry (dead/dying), reduce to 3/3.5m high monolith, T2 1x Box Elder Maple, reduce entire crown to shape by up to 1-1.5m. Remove all substantial deadwood leaving a height of 4.5-5m, T3 1x Conifer (adjacent to conservatory), reduce height by 2.5m leaving a height of 3-3.5m, G1 Leylandii hedge row, reduce remaining leaders to match level, T4 1x Conifer (adjacent to Acer), reduce height by 2.5m leaving a height of 3.5-4.5m, T5 1x Beech, reduce entire crown to shape by up to 2.5m. Crown thin by 5% and remove all substantial deadwood leaving a height of 10m.