Statement from Shere Parish Council Chairman Roy Davey
Shere Parish Council are responsible for managing and maintaining Shere’s Public Car Park. The Car Park is on the Recreation Ground – land purchased in 1926 by public subscription – the title of which is held in Trust by the Trustees of Shere Recreation Ground Association, a registered Charity.
For some months the Parish Council and The Trustees have been debating the question of charging visitors for use of this car park.
As there was a disagreement in the interpretation of the Agreement, we went before an independent Adjudicator, appointed by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. On November 15th the Adjudicator’s decision was delivered. The decision was in favour of the Parish Council’s plan to charge users of the car park, for parking when visiting Shere.
The reason for charging is not to discourage visitors from coming to our attractive small village in the Surrey Hills. It is to relieve you, the residents, of the substantial costs you pay via your annual precept charge (collected via your Council Tax ), for the maintenance and repairing of the car park, and other village facilities such as the public toilets etc – which are largely provided for, and used by, the many visitors to our small village.

Some questions and concerns have been voiced by both residents and businesses. Answers to some of these can be found by clicking HERE.

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